Chapter 1: So Far Away Inside, LION TAMER Book One

Therapy (1978) by Cheryl Armstrong My friend Don Crain said, “How can I help you, Cheryl, what do you want from me?” (He sits in his chair facing me, smiling, patient, waiting.) What I want from you, I said in my mind, is a prescription. Rx: A day of San Francisco wind and mist, a …

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Chapter 3: Baby Steps LION TAMER Book One

Chapter 3 Baby Steps May, 1993. Two weeks later. At four o’clock in the morning, I hop on my kitchen stool to write on my computer, as usual. Writing’s the only thing that connects me to myself. Well, painting, does it too. But my place is too small to set up oil paints. I love …

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Chapter 4: Cigarette-Ember Campfire LION TAMER Book One

The Lion Tamer by Therese Marie Duncan

Chapter 4   Cigarette-Ember Campfire May, 1993. The following morning. In the morning, daylight wakes me. Seven o’clock. I slept ten hours. l feel great. What happened last night? A part of me I didn’t recognize didn’t want me to nurture myself. Who was it? I have no idea. I feel strong. Refreshed. It doesn’t matter …

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Chapter 1 of LION TAMER: Book One

Chapter 1 of LION TAMER   So Far Away Inside April, 1993. It’s too bad it’s sunny. Therapy day with a new therapist should be dark and moody. I’m forty-three years old—why do I need help? Hopefully a thick fogbank will roll into the Santa Barbara coast later, make it feel like Seattle drizzle in September. …

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