I want to stay focused on loving closeness with my higher power. If I do, I know I’ll relax into the deeper understanding of how love works and how it’s okay to let go of petty concerns. My partner thinks I’m crazy saying my higher power talks to me, but I know I’ve never been saner. Our brains are reducers of the great reality so that our human mind with its physical concerns can comprehend finite matters. We speak in inches when the space between our whirling electrons is vast. We speak of eight colors when colors are infinite. Of course we have to contrive conversations with the one whom we know to be infinitely loving. We have to envision a human form who is amused and kind, patient and attentive. The human ideal. Because then we can listen and resonate. Of course, the words that I hear come from my higher power, are human common sense envisioned as being from someone unwaveringly loving. But the miracle of calm, the turning of the ocean liner of angst and irritation around, the flooding of my heart with love during these conversations with whom I imagine to be my infinite God, is all divine.

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