Chapter 1: So Far Away Inside, LION TAMER Book One

Therapy (1978) by Cheryl Armstrong My friend Don Crain said, “How can I help you, Cheryl, what do you want from me?” (He sits in his chair facing me, smiling, patient, waiting.) What I want from you, I said in my mind, is a prescription. Rx: A day of San Francisco wind and mist, a …

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Chapter 2: You’ve Got Mail LION TAMER Book One

Lion Tamer by Therese Duncan

LION TAMER Chapter 2 You’ve Got Mail April, 1993. The next morning. At 6 a.m., I sit at my sobriety meeting in a large chilly hall with wooden plank floors. The several lights of large windows let in the blue dawn. It’s a large hall, but it feels cozy with the wood and the windows …

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Chapter 1 of LION TAMER: Book One

Chapter 1 of LION TAMER   So Far Away Inside April, 1993. It’s too bad it’s sunny. Therapy day with a new therapist should be dark and moody. I’m forty-three years old—why do I need help? Hopefully a thick fogbank will roll into the Santa Barbara coast later, make it feel like Seattle drizzle in September. …

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