The audio book is coming! Oil painting portrait of a male lion with a look of wonderment, representing both my father and the inner lions we all have to tame.

The AUDIO is coming!

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the audio book of LION TAMER MEMOIR How It All Turned Out. It’s finally been uploaded to the distributor who will send it to retailers and libraries. Sadly, there is another wait of 20 to 30 days before it will be available.

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I had the sweetest experience coming down the ramp to board the first plane home from Texas. It’s hard to describe. It was a sense of being one hundred per cent with myself. With no consciousness or care of what others may think of me. I walked happily, wishing the feeling never to leave. I

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Flower for blog post Therese Marie Duncan


I want to stay focused on loving closeness with my higher power. If I do, I know I’ll relax into the deeper understanding of how love works and how it’s okay to let go of petty concerns. My partner thinks I’m crazy saying my higher power talks to me, but I know I’ve never been

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This morning I take my computer to Ventura and face the findings – my documents are gone or not gone. I haven’t inventoried what I may have lost yet. I’ll wait for the verdict. I feel so much in acceptance now, that I’m calm. That’s God working in me because I keep talking to God.

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I’m having fun here and there throughout the day, in spite of having flares from rheumatoid arthritis. I have a very mild case. I feel as though I have nothing to work out, I’m not conflicted. It feels as though God is glad I’m here. The pain of missing people is acute sometimes, but I

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This is exactly what I needed. Thanks God. You’ve been with me giving me peace through everything, every hurt, sorrow, roadblock, frustration. Now I see the point of all the challenges. I grew a sense of calm acceptance. Of course. You don’t grow strength by going to the gym and standing there. You need resistance.

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Chapter 1: So Far Away Inside, LION TAMER Book One

Therapy (1978) by Cheryl Armstrong My friend Don Crain said, “How can I help you, Cheryl, what do you want from me?” (He sits in his chair facing me, smiling, patient, waiting.) What I want from you, I said in my mind, is a prescription. Rx: A day of San Francisco wind and mist, a

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Lion Tamer by Therese Duncan

Chapter 2: You’ve Got Mail LION TAMER Book One

LION TAMER Chapter 2 You’ve Got Mail April, 1993. The next morning. At 6 a.m., I sit at my sobriety meeting in a large chilly hall with wooden plank floors. The several lights of large windows let in the blue dawn. It’s a large hall, but it feels cozy with the wood and the windows

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Chapter 3: Baby Steps LION TAMER Book One

Chapter 3 Baby Steps May, 1993. Two weeks later. At four o’clock in the morning, I hop on my kitchen stool to write on my computer, as usual. Writing’s the only thing that connects me to myself. Well, painting, does it too. But my place is too small to set up oil paints. I love

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The Lion Tamer by Therese Marie Duncan

Chapter 4: Cigarette-Ember Campfire LION TAMER Book One

Chapter 4   Cigarette-Ember Campfire May, 1993. The following morning. In the morning, daylight wakes me. Seven o’clock. I slept ten hours. l feel great. What happened last night? A part of me I didn’t recognize didn’t want me to nurture myself. Who was it? I have no idea. I feel strong. Refreshed. It doesn’t matter

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As a child, I wanted to go to a sanitarium because I knew it was a place with a great lawn, where you sat with a blanket on your lap and got sane. I had a lot of anxiety as a child, which made it easy to relate to Van Gogh, even then. I learned

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Chapter 1 of LION TAMER: Book One

Chapter 1 of LION TAMER   So Far Away Inside April, 1993. It’s too bad it’s sunny. Therapy day with a new therapist should be dark and moody. I’m forty-three years old—why do I need help? Hopefully a thick fogbank will roll into the Santa Barbara coast later, make it feel like Seattle drizzle in September.

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