Here’s the cloud photo that goes with Chapter 3 of LION TAMER. I love this chapter. I love all the chapters. But I love the end of the book the best. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for twelve years. There were so many twists and turns getting to the end, I ended up writing four books in the process. In some ways, this is the best one, LION TAMER Book One: How It All Turned Out. But then, I can’t wait for people to read the other ones too. They’re all powerful. If Book One has the grit, Book Three has the dirt.   I regret some things I’ve done, but I don’t regret my life. I’m glad for all of it. I remember years and years of seeming constant agony that always ran parallel with the ecstasy of the hope for romantic love, and something deeper and truer, which I have today. Through it all ran a herculean effort to act normal. That hasn’t changed. People say, just be yourself. But for those of us who are highly impulsive, it helps to follow a template.


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